"I'm moving to Portland from Kentucky! After much indecision and changing of plans and goals every 5 minutes and having no clue what to do or where to live, and having not even packed up my house, I called Shawni for help.  She gave great advice, was willing to work with me on very short notice (2 days), found several great places within my budget, and even after I stopped looking, she provided some other apartment options 'just in case'.  Highly recommend!" 

-Devon H.  

"For the elderly, moving to a different city and from a house to an apartment, is a BIG move, even for one who moved numerous times in his youth. Relocating can be very dislocating. I made two self-reconnaissance trips from nearby Seattle to Portland and was discouraged by the daunting area to be explored and vast information needed to make decisions, given that I was unaccompanied and knew no one in Portland. I realized that I could not relocate on my own and needed assistance, and thankfully I discovered Shawni Livingston’s Portland Apartment Finder. The name says it all and best of all, the service invests its time and effort in clients before they pay, giving clients the opportunity to judge its value before getting in too deep. Well run, client-first, and affordable" 

-Robert D. Author/Publisher 

" Shawni is GREAT!!! I am relocating from China to Portland after teaching English for 9 years here. I wanted to move to Oregon, but had no clue of what the areas were like in Portland. I gave her the criteria that I was looking for....playground, close to max line, parks, library, etc...She recommended an apartment for me and even got me in direct contact with the leasing agent. The leasing agent worked with me over the phone and there was one last hiccup when it came to getting a money order for the deposit. Shawni went out of her way to help me by picking up a western union and giving the cashier's check to the leasing agent. Now I have an apartment. This would have never been possible if it wasn't for Shawni. Also I did all of this from another country. It only took a total of 2 weeks from start to finish to complete the process of securing an apartment with exactly what I was looking for 2 bedroom 2 bathroom Woo Hoo....."

-Brian B.