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Why does it cost more to include residential listings in a rental search?


Unlike many other rental markets, Portland Oregon does not offer a centralized MLS with residential rental listings. Instead, we have hundreds of Property Management Companies that list a variety of privately owned rental properties. Many of which are never advertised on internet listing sites!  The extra fee covers our search of over 100 of the area’s top Residential Property Management web sites  to find the exact listings that meet our clients needs, coordinating with sometimes multiple representatives for one property and getting appointments lined up.  Learn more about residential listings on our Services page. 

I'm relocating to Portland, when should I start looking for rentals?

This one can be tricky because there is really no right answer. Apartments only require a 30 day notice to vacate and most rentals are not advertised until they are vacant and ready for move in. It is rare for an occupied unit to be shown. This is mainly due to Oregon Landlord Tenant Laws. Once the unit hits the market, showings get scheduled and it gets rented in a matter of days ; sometimes hours! Once an applicant is approved (this typically takes 24-48 hrs) a lease is required to be signed and financial possession taken immediately. The longest most rentals will hold a vacant ready unit is 14 days. Typically, the only exception is new construction which will usually hold 30-60 days. So, as a general rule:  If you are looking at apartments, you can start as early as 45 days out or as late as 2 weeks out.  If you are looking at residential listings, we recommend actively looking no longer than 2 to 3 weeks prior to your target move in date.  

If I already live in Portland can you still help me find a place?

Absolutely! Although the majority of our business is relocation, we have assisted many locals in finding rentals in the city. The bottom line is, if you don't have the time or the desire to search for properties, contact listing agents to confirm pricing and availability (remember, just because its advertised online does not mean its actually available),  coordinate multiple showings or even navigating the city and parking issues to get to showings, we can do it for you! Check out a list of our services and see which one might work for you. 

Can PAF help me rent out my private property?

PAF does not offer property management services. Nor do we sell real estate. Our sole focus is on the Portland Metro rental market and helping clients find rental housing.  However, we are happy to have you send us a link to your listing and will provide the info to any of our clients that may be a match. We can also provide you with resources to help you find someone who can help you rent out your property. 

If I am looking for something more budget friendly, should I look in the suburbs vs. the city?

The simple answer is no! Contrary to most cities, it is not necessarily more affordable to live outside the city. The complicated answer is, it really depends on many variables, including ; how much living space you require, whether or not you own a vehicle and what type of pets you may have. These and many other factors come into play. Part of our service is to recommend what areas we think will be the best options based on the information you provide to us in our comprehensive rental questionnaire.